"I have had the pleasure and privilege of having Sharon as my swing coach for the past three years. She has been a tremendous teacher and has enabled me to better understand the proper mechanics of the golf swing. Probably like most golfers, I have some bad habits that inhibit my ability to make consistent good contact. With grace and a good sense of humor, Sharon has helped me overcome these flaws. I leave each lesson with a clear understanding of what I need to work on and enthusiastic to see the results on the course."
Bob Tyre    

"Sharon is a wonderful instructor. She is patient and has a great sense of humor.  Her approach is to build the foundation of the swing one brick at a time.  Her method allows the student to understand the mechanics of the swing so that it is easier to adopt the techniques.  I feel Sharon has enhanced my play, my understanding of the game, and my enjoyment of it."
Meg Tyre

"I have been taking lessons from Sharon since the 1980's.  I think very highly of her teaching and diagnostic skills, and over the course of time I have referred more than three hundred students to her, who have all benefited from her cutting edge teaching methods.  Perhaps my highest praise for Sharon is that I was a new golfer when I first went to her, and because of her, my swing improved so much that I won the club championship at  Bonnie Briar Country Club."
Noel Caraccio

"Sharon's grace, patience and creative persistence has completely changed my game."
Nadine Lee  

"You are amazing!  Awesome lesson yesterday. Shot 43 on Beth Page yellow back nine only ( w two 7's ).  But the two long par 3's both 180 + I nailed both my four irons -using that bag swing thought  we hit into and the image of impact of that almost bowed left wrist at impact.One over the back of the pin about 200 (bogey) and the other right on and birdied it so net par for both.  Thanks and see u in about a week or so"    
Best, Mike Covino

"Sharon, After the lesson on Thursday I went out yesterday and shot an 81. Although I'm sure I was still coming somewhat inside and not hitting the ball that far, I was in play on every hole and my chipping and pitching (by taking it back straighter) were unbelievable. Looking forward to seeing you again on Thursday" 
Rich Hirsch    

 I've been golfing on and off for 20 years and haven't taken lessons since I was a teenager.  After a difficult season struggling with terrible fades and occasionally topping the ball, I decided to take a lesson from Sharon.  
She has a great setup with multiple camera angles to record your swing and can identify exactly where you're going wrong.  Sharon gave me some simple drills that I worked on at home and within a few rounds I was hitting the ball better than I have in years!!  My fade is virtually gone and I'm hitting my drives 20-30 yards further.  This was after only one lesson!!  I only wish I had gone to see her sooner.  
Laura Massari